Bringing back the run button

So, recently the Run button has been done away with for other people’s repls.
I propse the run button should be brought back so other people’s projects can be ran with ease.
Who aggrees with me?


For more information on the change, please read the blogpost:

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Yeah I dont know why they removed it. I mean it makes sense for repls that arent deployed, but not for console repls.


Why does replit have to do this?
Running the project is great for checking if the project is worth forking or not.
I really like being able to run other people’s projects, and anyways not everyone on replit is willing to spend on deployments.


agreed, I hope replit changes this

I have to agree with you CoolKid111.
I think we should have the run button back unless it has already been changed

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Please bring back run