Bring back Always On!

Hello Replit,

I am totally fine with forks being mandated, no more comments, or forced hosting, but as a python coder, always on is a necessity. I have paid for Core (mainly because of the powerups) to be able to keep Gizmo, a discord bot, to keep on running on discord. It is a python discord bot, and without always on, I have to keep my poor Windows 11 always having that tab open!!!

Please bring back Always On, even if just for python.

Andrew Deng


Hi @AndrewDeng3 !
You can deploy your bot as a Reserved VM to host it. Replit probably won’t put back Always-On, as Deployments already exist.
Hope this helps!


Yeah but reservedVM costs money even with Core, always on didn’t.
I don’t really complete bounties or get tipped like you

The reason 24/7 repls are expensive is that they are easy to abuse (e.g. mining bitcoin)

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I don’t think so. Oracle cloud offers a 4 core 24gb ram vm for free. They will just terminate your repl if you mine bitcoin.


They undoubtedly will still do this, but obviously people still get away with it. Their reasoning for increasing the price of always on from 2 to 20 cycles a day was that it lead to a large loss of money due to being so easy to abuse. This happened even though repls where being terminated.

I see your point, handing out an always on 4 vCPU 8G ram VM for $20 a month isn’t profitable. Vultr, a pretty cheap VPS provider sells the same spec machine for $40 a month.