Bounty Shadowban?

**Question:Whenever i apply for a bounty it never seems t get accepted but i also dont get any kind of rejection notice. ive applied to multiple replit bounties but there is no tangible reason for why im not being accepted or denied have i been shadow banned for some reason i would appreciate some help, A while ago i would get emails like this when the application got past the approval process but i dont get anything anymore **

Hey @thatpersonperso welcome to the forums!

The approved message is for your application to go through and appear, it doesn’t mean the Bounty Creator accepted you as the Bounty Hunter, they might have accepted someone else. I hope this helps!


Yea im aware but they are never even being posted on the bounty itself, for example if i make an application it has to go through some sort of verification process and i’m never listed in the applicants. I hope this clarifies

I have waited 24+ hrs for the application to even be posted and nothing


It depends when you applied. If it’s on a weekend, you might have to wait until Monday before it goes through.


insane, but thanks for the clarification

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