Bounty poster isn't responding to my emails yet uses my bounty solution

I recently started doing bounty hunting and applied for a simple bounty - the creator wants a website where he can paste a series of numbers, and the website will make a downsampling on them and spit 80 numbers back.

TL;DR: I finished his bounty, sent him a link for the project, and never heard back

He accepted my application yesterday night (7 PM for me), we chat a bit about the project and he sends a spreadsheet with some test numbers, a Figma link for the UI, and an image of how the expected result should be. I started working on it and by 10 PM I finished a small demo and emailed him the link to the project.
He replied by 11 PM my time and says he would like to have all of them to see which ones work best. This morning I worked on it and by 10:30 AM I was done. I sent him another email saying that I included all of the algorithms and that I fixed some UI problems, and to please let me know if he wanted any other fixes, or to accept the solution.
I never heard back from him, however, I can see he modified the spreadsheet he sent me at noon and 4 PM my time, copying and pasting all the different algorithm outputs.
I now (9 PM) sent him a follow-up email saying that I haven’t heard back from him but noticed he recently modified the spreadsheet, and to again let me know if he has any changes to propose or otherwise accept my solution and close the bounty.

Based on a quick google search, he seems to be from New York, 6h behind my time.

What should I do? I was planning on contacting support tomorrow morning if I will not receive an answer

For privacy reasons, I will not say what bounty it is nor give the website link, however, ask me anything you need to know.
I hope I explained the situation correctly, but please ask me questions should I have not been clear enough.
Thank you for your help,


They may be sleeping or have some IRL stuff. Please wait a few days and if you still don’t have a response please email


The poster thought that was the problem, and have waited all day for them to reply. As they said they are 6 hours ahead, so them sleeping isn’t a plausible idea.

Im blind about that part but doing something IRL could 100% be possible

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It wouldnt seem that way if they had time to modify OP’s code.

Exactly. I’m not concerned about the bounty itself, rather how to behave in similar situations should they happen again in the future

@Nicolello i would recommend attempting to reach out one more time, and if there is still no response, please contact support.

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I’ll wait until tomorrow afternoon then. Thank you both!


Hi! I sent support an email 15h ago but they still haven’t responded yet. Is that normal? There are only 10h left for the bounty and I don’t want my reviews to go down because of that

You should contact support, as it is clear he/she is trying to steal your code.


I contacted support 22h ago but they haven’t answered yet. Can you please help me?
This is the email I sent them

Please be patient. When I emailed them it took 3 days to get a reply.

Oh okay, I expected them to be quicker. Thank you, I’ll wait -_-

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