Bounty poster insights

The new bounty poster insights is great, but there’s a few minor improvements I think could be made to make the experience just a bit better for bounty hunters.

First of all, the bounties show Working with <bounty poster>, I think they should show the bounty hunter Working with <bounty hunter>. They could be changed to say Posted by <bounty poster> but you would already know that because you’re reading the insights for a specific bounty poster (it says so at the top).

Second of all, I think I’ve suggested this in a feature request before, I think bounty hunters should also be able to rate bounty posters. Obviously the characteristics you rate would have to be different, I suggest ‘pricing’ (was the price fair for the bounty), ‘communication’ (did they communicate what they wanted effectively and in an appropriate manner) and ‘running’ (was their due date fair/realisticor did it need adjusting).

You will also notice in the above image that the text in the Poster Insights button is split on two lines on mobile devices.