Bounty for a fully functional website the runs off of MediaWiki software

I’m wondering 1. Would it be worth it to even make a bounty for this?/Would anyone even be able/willing to? 2. How much would the bounty have to be?

So for those who don’t know a MediaWiki site is something like Fandom, Wikipedia, The Coppermind, etc; which allows users to create articles on the platform about the subject.
This would require a secure login system, a way to assign users some type of Moderating ability, a Discussions feature, and be fully customizable by MediaWiki (shouldn’t be to hard for that lastone, you can download MediaWiki and apply it to a sight… somehow).

I know Haroon knows how to but I don’t know if he is willing to do a bounty for it.

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I don’t think it’s Bounty-worthy imo because there is already a template on Replit for it


and who is Hardon? Do you think he would do a bounty? If so how much would it have to be?

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Hes a site mod. And I have no idea if he would do it and how much it would take if he is

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there is? Where can I find this?

Made by Haroon.