Bounty apply modal needs fix for content helpers, specifically for using grammar corrections

Hi there,

I am trying to apply for a bounty for the first time, and I am annoyed with how you implemented the application form modal.

It is, at first sight, pretty basic and seems fine until you try to correct a spelling mistake you made with the help of a content helper.

After at least 3 failed attempts to fill out the form (I was patient), I have decided to write this post.

The whole modal is set to close and reset if users right-click anywhere, or the helper tries to open another modal on top of it.

It is acceptable to just close, but resetting all the content we were trying to write is definitely not. that way I could at lease continue with manual corrections.

Seeing all the design, this one is so ugly it has no place to live within the site and must be fixed as soon as developers read it.


Thanks for the report, I’ve escalated this issue to the engineering team.


my description fell a bit short. here is a bit more extra for the closing current behavior:

  • clicking outside the modal closes it.
    • that is normal for most purposes, but we have an application form in it, so it should not.
  • a grammar extension creates its own modal on top of a word. Clicking on a suggested word is considered “outside” and the bounty modal closes.
  • when the modal closes, it loses any form entry made so far.
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I too felt the same, when navigating to it.