Bounty application postage taking too much time

Let i have posted my application, it is allright from my side. Then it takes 24 hours to approve the application. In that time the project got over or assigned to someone else. How a beginner can get opportunity?
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Hi @NoumanArshad2 , welcome to the forums!
You’re not alone in this, many people also exprience this. I believe the approval system is manual, so it will definitely take time.


so what are tips for me.Let i need a project in next 7 days , how should i proceed. I have loss 3-4 such project.Help me get going?

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Hi Nouman- Anshul from the Bounties team here. Thanks for posting this.

We typically try and complete manual reviews of applications within 24 hours - however, its usually faster i.e. closer to 6 hours. Please continue applying for Bounties as once you cross a certain threshold of completed Bounties, you get “pre-approved” and can skip the process.

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