Bounty Application Feedback And Acceptance

Bounties application shows up very late or sometimes doesn’t show at all till it’s in progress.

I noticed this for some days now when I applied to some bounty and it shows Already applied on the application button, but my application is not accepted yet whereas some members ( Verified bounty hunters to be precise ) had been accepted. Even though I applied some minutes immediately the bounties were posted and over 13 hours my application didn’t show up in the application tab.
Some bounties were even accepted before my application is approved and that prevents my application is approved.
Although I already applied for a verified badge which I look forward to, nonetheless, feedback will be really appreciated regards the bounties application status.

This sounds very weird… so your applications are somehow not processed? You can apply, but the application won’t appear in the applications page? (Because for me as soon as I’ve applied it’s there, I’ve never experienced this issue.)

cc: @ShaneAtReplit @ReplitIronclad


I have been able to reproduce this only once, sometimes it takes upwards of 15 minutes for an application to process.

Normally it’s instant, however.


I’ve been missing out on bounties for some time now which is more than 5 times now.

So far, I have noticed that the application of verified hunters gets approved faster than non-verified hunters. Even though I got a system setup that notifies me for every new bounty posted getting me ahead to apply, nonetheless, my applications failed to show for several hours until the creator picked someone and I leave disappointed :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks Matt

c.c @ShaneAtReplit @ReplitIronclad

Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have flagged this to the team and will let you know as soon as I have an update!

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The team has let me know that bounty applications go through a review queue (that is approved daily) before they are visible to the public, which is why you are seeing a delay between an application being posted, and it being visible to the bounty owner.

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Why is this? And could site mods get access to this so they get approved quicker?


We do this to ensure that the applications aren’t spam. As for giving site mods access, we will look into this later down the line.


I got a perfect example again @ShaneAtReplit
It all started when this bounty was posted and I applied 11 minutes afterward.
Another application showed up 17 minutes after the bounty was posted while mine didn’t.
Another application showed up 2 hours afterward making it two applications in total while mine was pending
2 hours and some minutes after, I noticed 3 applications were submitted whereas mine failed to show up. This made me lose another bounty.

RIP man, that sucks. The ppl at Replit can only go so fast though…

And now, my application seemed to show hours after my application was submitted and even when the bounty has been claimed as shown in the screenshots above.