Bounties/cycles disscusion

Bounties: Am I a joke to you?

Bounties arnt free… first off you have to be skilled enough to complete the bounty in that field, in some cases only few are actually able to do this. Like for me: There are very little C++ bounties, and the ones that do exist are out of my field.

Edit: IE: 7 C++ related bounties exist, 4 of which are claimed, 2 of which are out of my level (massive multiplayer game…) and one is closed.

Also, bounties are not being published enough as people don’t have the cycles to create them in the first place.


Bounties are free in terms of money


You have to own cycles or buy them in order to create a bounty?

Im talking about for us bounty hunters

Yes, but, look at my reply above. I’m no good at making an app in Python or whatever, but only 1 legitimate C++ bounty exists, and it’s out of my field. All the others are closed, claimed, or way out of my league!

For HTML, I’m not that advanced in HTML so useless.

Tailwind CSS: I have only 3 months of experience using, and I don’t use it that much.

These would be the only things I’m comfortable for doing bounties with, also there are way more people who are so much better that can do the bounties and majority of people simply can’t do bounties because of this.

Along with communication issues (I’m not longer talking on my behalf), there are Probably a variety of people who don’t want to share their email or discord.

There are people more qualifying to make your application look like a penny compared to a 100 dollar bill.

There are not enough bounties being created in enough fields.

A lot of bounties are under paying.

(Sorry this reply is kinda gibberish as I forgot all of my general writing knowledge when writing. It might not make since)

But that doesn’t mean it’s not free? Same with tips, just because most people don’t tip doesn’t mean it’s not free.


It is free but hard to achieve. Again I’ve said this in another topic: Tips are in most situation given with perfect execution, a tipper, has to find your project, has to like the project and see it as descent or good, and then has to tip the desired amount.

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I would agree with @prisems on the bounties. It’s like a job, money you get isn’t free, you have to work to earn it. Even tipping isn’t really free because someone somewhere had to buy the cycles with their money in the first place.

The problem with having actually free cycles is that it essentially creates money from nothing. I don’t doubt people would quickly try and find ways to abuse truly free cycles causing issues for Replit when these people attempt to cash these cycles out.


But you’re not paying anything for the cycles, maybe time and effort, yes, but no real money, so it’s freee!

What do you mean by free? As in money or as in work and money?
If what you mean is work, it is definitely not free.
If what you mean is money, it Might not be free either.
Imagine if you have to pay for a course to learn programming slash coding. Then you complete a bounty. Technical you paid for the bounty because if you didn’t pay for the coding course, you wouldn’t have the ability to do the bounty.

If you self-learned or learned in some way that doesn’t cost money, you will have to pay for the bounties.


Huh? You don’t have to pay to do bounties.

But you are right about the fact that people may have paid for a course. Never thought of that.

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I would argue that’s not the definition of free. Something being free does not necessarily have any relation to money, money is simply one of many things you can trade in order to obtain something you would like (before money, there was trading of resources like salt, flour, metals etc). On a simplified level, that’s what work is, in exchange for doing something, you receive money. You are giving something of value, your time and effort, in exchange for cycles. Free would mean you just get the cycles, no effort involved. Almost nothing is free, for example, games that give you ‘free’ benefits from watching ads, you’re giving up your time, but your also making them money by watching the ad aswell, so those benefits you receive are not really free.

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It would diminish the worth of cycles, then.

Exactly what I was going to say

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Yeah, I’m not arguing that cycles should be free, I’m arguing that free cycles don’t exist, they can’t exist.

It’s like if the government handed out billions of dollars worth of money for free. That would diminish the value of it because there is too much, so it’s not as sacred. I think that there should be easier, less user determined ways to get Cycles, but handing them out for free, as you said, doesn’t exist and can’t exist.

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It’s not quite like that. Cycles have a value now, one cycle is equal to 1 US cent. It’s actually more like Replit paying you for doing nothing, which would likely be an unsustainable endeavour.

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Yeah, basic economics, if a free cycle exists, it has no value because things hold inherent value due to being scarce, if something were to be infinite (that is, completely free), then it could not be exchanged for anything because there would be an infinite amount of it, and therefore the buyer would have no reason to exchange it for goods since they would already have an infinite amount.

You have to cash out when you have more than 35,000 cycles I believe, so you can’t just cash out one cycle for a penny =P
Also, can we move this convo elsewhere?

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