Bot not respoding

here you go

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Thanks. I don’t know a lot about Discord bots but try adding this to

import join
import music

that do nt work so any other adeya enyon

and know is this error bot wont even start

echo Run isn't configured. Try adding a .replit and configuring it
Run isn't configured. Try adding a .replit and configuring it

I would recommend you make a new repl and put your code in it. I’m not sure how you managed to delete .replit, but that’s your issue at this point.

Try refreshing or closing out the tab and opening it again.

no i refresh and bot work but and still do not work bc idk hot to start them up

The way your code is currently configured it is set up to run a bot in music, a bot in join, and a bot in main. I will look at it more in a minute, but as your code currently is that’s why it doesn’t work.

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so basicly i would need to have all in

Yes and no. You need to combine all three codes in such a way that they do not conflict with each other and all work. I will take a look at it in a minute, but as it currently stands if you put everything in main it would try to run three separate bots all at the same time.

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doesnt a discord bot have to be in a vc when playing music?

okay let me know what you find out