Bot is running. None of my repls are running

Bot is running. None of my repls are running
Very confused why this is happening, please help else Ill have to leave replit

I believe your problem is with threading; you could be threading the program on which your bot is running. Such an error would occur if you forked another project and attempted to run it with your own bot and discovered it was not turning off as expected.

try looking into this

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perhaps English is not their first language

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I just saw that this isn’t the first post he made about this issue and I looked closely and saw he was talking about a discord bot. But the problem is most likely he is threading his bot to run constantly.

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oh I see their code is messy to no end

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Hello, thanks for response, I dont know what threading is. I dont know how to respond to that. Could you give me more information.

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Threading is a Python library written in C that allows your code to run multiple times without stopping. Now, if you thread your repl or even use a webserver, your bot will most likely stay on and will not turn off until one of the following conditions is met:

  • Ratelimited


  • You manually remove the threading.

Self taught. What do you suggest I do to make it more organized.

Okay, how do I check where it’s being “threaded”

Check the main file that is being executed to see if there is any import at the top named “threading” and if so, delete it. Rerun the program; if any function was called to thread the program, an error should be returned.

No “threading”

This happened straight after replit went down. Super weird. I really dont think I did anything

Perhaps it was an error when Replit restarted their servers. It’s possible that it caused the repls to start without human input, and if so, this is yet another bug.

@ShaneAtReplit So it wasn’t a threading error, and the error is still present and his bot is still running. That is, whatever happened to the repl servers caused this bug.



  • Always on = Off
  • Bot not running on replit
  • In discord bot is running and responding
  • I’m not hosting my bot anywhere else

Thanks @Sky for the input, I appreciate it.

There are other libraries but the sheer size of you’re project implies many thread tasks are called each time someone calls a command

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oh you have asyncio imported thats prolly why its running non-stop.

he has asyncio imported so…

Have you tried running kill 1 in the shell? If you’re still seeing the Discord bots online but the Repls are offline, check the Status Manager to see if it reports them as online or offline.

Libraries that’ll do what?

What are thread tasks?