Bot is not finding file and says runtimewarning

Oh, there’s a typo
Change this'Logged in as {} (ID: {bot.userID})')

To this:'Logged in as {} (ID: {})')

Don’t worry, programming is a proccess of trial and error.

@WindLother what is next step?

Can you invite me to your repl?

Done! I invited guy whos name is @WindLother and same pfp than you

I think is working now…

I stupidily forgot that add_cog is now a coroutine and had problems with that.

An error occurred: Command raised an exception: AttributeError: ‘ClientUser’ object has no attribute ‘avatar_url’

This error in help message. Can you please fix it if you have time? Other commands working well! Thanks for that🤩

According to the docs, avatar_url was changed to avatar.url

But I already made that change.

In your code, you can try change the avatar session from:



              embed.set_thumbnail(url=str( #just add the str
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EveryThing works now, thanks

Hey @finnishdev!

Please mark whichever one of @WindLother’s responses you found most helpful as the solution so people with the same issue can easily find the solution.

I did make the extensions being imported manually to test the code (as a workround), so I recommend that in the future you change this too. (AKA keep improving your code)

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