Boosting Visibility: Elevating within the Main Platform

The revitalization of within is a strategic step to tackle the issue of discoverability. Countless users remain unaware of its existence due to its previous separation from the main platform. By seamlessly integrating it back into the interface, we can ensure easy accessibility and prominent visibility, leading to a surge in user engagement and utilization. This heightened discoverability will naturally encourage more users to actively participate in the community, readily share their expertise, and seek assistance when needed, thus enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved. Additionally, the relocation of to a more visible position, away from the bottom of the screen as depicted in the image, will streamline the user experience, providing greater convenience in navigating and utilizing the diverse array of available resources. Ultimately, this move is set to foster a stronger, more vibrant, and engaged community within - Oh yeah I made chatgpt do all the content writting


would be nice if:


It is actually in the interface, it’s just very hidden and unnoticeable on the bottom-left.
But it would be great if it was put exactly like you have shown it.


thanks, I will change the orignal qustion


I don’t think it needs to be part of, but it could be turned into a bigger link with a flashy tag that says “NEW”. That will increase discoverability, but then yet also maybe bring trolls from Replit over here making moderation more difficult.

Edit: here’s a sketch of how it could look


Hey, thanks for this feedback! Can you tell me more about how you discovered Ask? Was it from the sidebar, our support flow, or somewhere else?


@LenaAtReplit I discovered Ask because I was clicking the things at the bottom of Ask’s bar at the bottom and I just stumbled upon it and stuck with it.


Thanks for sharing!

Can you clarify where you mean by this?

P.S. Glad you found us :smiling_face:


@LenaAtReplit this bar, sorry I wasn’t specific enough:


I think you mean

The link to Ask at the bottom of Replit’s sidebar



discovered through the message I received after migrating to Nix. Image

I didn’t even know this page existed prior to this. Furthermore, I had never noticed that there was indeed a tiny URL pointing to on the main page until @SnakeByte pointed it out. Neither did I notice any other URLs, such as It would be great if they could be made more visible, as shown by @boston2029, just like when used to be the main page for questions and answers.


thank you for the illustration. I will include it in my original post. Regarding trolls, back in the day when it used to be a part of the main page,, I don’t recall there being many trolls. In fact, the community was very supportive. I don’t believe it’s any different today.

I would have added your illustration, but I am unable to find the option to edit the post. My apologies.

Thanks for sharing, everyone! I’ll bring it up with the team and see what others think. While I don’t think a sidebar change is in the cards, I think we can get creative about how we surface this forum for users when they need help!



  • When GhostWriter Debug can’t find an adequate solution
  • The first time error output is detected in the Console for a user with a low–medium onboarding experience who isn’t already on Ask
  • When a user signs up stating low onboarding experience
  • On the bottom of the docs page, if the user finds something :-1: unhelpful, link them to as an alternative to the plain textbox, stating something like “[Recommended] Want this to be a public post and be able to discuss with other users? Visit instead”
    • maybe make the “was this helpful” thing more intrusive as well
  • On the Create a Bounty dialog have “Ask PMs” as a communication method, linking Replit Ask
    • On the “Get Help” template, mention Replit Ask. Maybe in the description say “[…], or learn something new, quickly. Not in a rush, and don’t need personal, dedicated help? Try Replit Ask first”
  • If a user "Search"es for a template but doesn’t find one, say something like
    Template not found :slightly_frowning_face: Think you can create your own, with the help of our docs? If not, try asking for help configuring your repl on Replit Ask
    • would be more useful if the “Nix Configuration” bullet point in the doc page that I linked explained that Nix is for adding packages, including languages, frameworks and utilities

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