Boosting storage for a repl?

Is there any way to boost my storage? I need my python script to work with 2 files that are 4GB each and I can’t figure out how to boost the repl to enable such large files.

This is currently a beta feature and will be released to the public soon :smiley:
According to the developer day stream, you will soon be able to pay for amounts up to 256GB

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There’s a beta for this, you might be able to get in the beta somehow. (It just happens that the beta allows 8gb of storage)


Can I get into the beta somehow? I really need it.

You can join the Replit Devs discord server, and contact staff:

Hope this helps :smiley:


bro that’s invite only, you should get to know people more before giving it out ;-;


The URL is easily predictable, they could’ve guessed it.


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