Boosting a team repl?

A few of us from Mash are creating templates and repl’s as examples to share with the community. We want to manage boosting + powering them up from a central area vs. lots of individual accounts managing them. I can’t seem to find a way to boost anything for these repls in the team section?

They are here

If you’re the team admin or the owner of the repl when you click on the name you would be able to see all the boost options

Not showing they option for repls in the teams. I’m both an admin and forked a repl and added it to the team containers to try. It only shows the ghostwriter option. No boosting/power ups. When forked in my personal repls its possible , in teams I doesn’t. Which is what we are sharing.

Boosting team repls is a feature native to our Teams Pro product. The team you’ve created is for Friends only, which does not come with boosting, private repls, or always-on.


To confirm, there is no way use cycles to pay to boost repls that are stored in the teams view? We don’t expect them to be included. But paying $2K per year just for the desire to boost repls seems a little much (we aren’t using anything else with the pro plan, just want a team ‘profile’ to share useful templates/demos for our products + education for using our dev tools).


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