Book recommendations needed!

Hey everyone!

I’m currently doing the #100daysofcode. I’m building towards becoming a full stack engineer or something of the sort. I have a couple of ideas and projects that I use as guides for what to learn next, and python was the starting point for all of them.

I’ve realised I need not only the knowledge of programming languages, I need to learn a new way of thinking, or possible a couple of new ways of thinking. @DavidAtReplit mentioned “Think like a programmer” during the course, so I’ve ordered it.

To the question: What are some of the best books and/or resources that have helped form your way of thinking around code and software development?


@CaspianAlmerud You should check out the coding books from No Starch Press.


That’s great! Thanks Nate!

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Hey @CaspianAlmerud!

I’ve been reading Pragmatic Python Programming, it has been very useful and solved a few of my problems.


Nice! Thanks @SalladShooter!