Block Some Websites From Being Opened

As you probably know, you can link your website on your Replit profile:

Some people’s profiles redirect to inappropriate sites.
One time someone followed me, and I looked at their profile. I clicked on the 🌐 Website button to see their website. It took me to The Hub instead :skull: This was a while ago, not sure if it’s fixed.

Make it so some links are blocked.


You could just as easily report the user’s profile.

But that requires clicking into the link to see if the user needs to be reported, which may be malicious.

Ah. Didn’t think about that.

should do deep thinking next post, now I know

Good idea but a manual blacklist would be pretty hard to maintain as you can make infinite redirects.
Instead, if the website is not a site hosted on Replit by the same person, make it require DNS validation or validation of some sort that proves they own the domain/site. Sure, they could still redirect or do inappropriate stuff on their site, but it’d be a lot more hoops and they can’t just put in the hub.

maybe they could also make is so that when you click on a link a quick virus check takes place. if the check passes then redirect the user to the URL. if it fails, then warn the user.

Well the first step is to report the user. After that, it may be helpful to have a site blacklist. I know there’s one for Repls but I don’t know if that list applies to the website link in the bio.

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I cant report them because I don’t know who they are. The incident happened a while ago and is buried in my followers list. I closed both Replit and The Hub in shock as soon as I saw the URL bar.

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