Block access to Project outside of class time?


I would like my pupils to use to complete official coursework however this is only allowed to be done in school under supervision.

Is there any way I can restict access to a project outwith school hours?

I have tried to unpublish the project repl however if the pupils know the URL for their repl they can still access it and work on it even tho it has been unpublished.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mrmccaffery thanks for your message.

I’ve successfully used Replit to deliver official coursework for the past two years. I used a Hacker plan to create private repls for each of my students and then invited them to join “their” repl when in class. It didn’t matter if they knew the URL because once the assessment session ended I removed their username from the repl and they saw a 404 error if they tried to access it from anywhere.

Please see the session I recorded for EdFest 22 here: Using Replit to deliver 21st century assessments | Ian @ Replit @ EdFest 2022 - YouTube

Hi Ian

Firstly thank you for taking the time to get back to me, the YouTube video you linked too was really interested and seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

At the end you stated you were exploring the switch to Edu Teams for SQA Assessments, is this all possible? Therefore I don’t need the Hacker plan? or is that still required?

Many thanks

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Hi @mrmccaffery I’m glad you found the video useful!

It depends entirely on whether you post the links to students on a VLE or if they have BYOD. In the school I worked while developing my Teams for Edu solution the students do not have access to history as it is cleared on logout, but I agree that this is an area that could be improved and doesn’t stop students from copying and pasting their link for “investigation later”.

At present I would still prefer to use Hacker plan / cycles to ensure that the projects were fully locked but I’m a few months away from running the 22/23 coursework in anger so intended to revisit in December/January to see if the process would be suitable to move to Teams for Edu.