Blank replit and python version

Hi Guys,

Started a blank replit and i’m trying to config it to use python 3.9 and more packages like django, Pillow and more. → is off

using Nix and pkgs.python39full doesn’t have pip or virtualenv
using Nix with pkgs.python39Packages.django_4 i can’t use pip either
Forking the current Python replit template is python 3.10 and i prefer 3.9

Exist any tutorial to start a blank replit and deploy .config , virtualenv and setup poetry and nix file?

If pip isn’t working, use poetry add instead. That’s the built-in Replit way (which adds stuff to the poetry.lock file).
poetry add package
poetry remove package
poetry update package

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thks for you answer :+1:


{ pkgs }: {
    deps = [

and .replit with

language = "python3"
ignoredPackages = ["unit_tests"]

  enabledForHosting = false
  packageSearch = true
  guessImports = true

Now i can use the Tools->Packages in IDE , perfect