Blacklisted url that is perfectly fine

Problem description:
I wanted to host a tournament on the game erth2 with the help of its developer, but the url is blacklisted, the site holds nothing that breaks replit TOS and honestly you guys are tripping rn.
Please unblock this URL 1v1 Erth2 Tournament 1 - Challonge

Expected behavior:
url dont get blacklisted

Actual behavior:
url gets blacklisted

Steps to reproduce:
put 1v1 Erth2 Tournament 1 - Challonge in code

Bug appears at this link:


Hi @xRPSEkjBkVzkUSiTUQvT thanks for your post.

This isn’t a bug. Your code (I think this is the one you are referring to: contains the proxy Ultraviolet. This is what is being blocked, not a website you are trying to get to.

If this is not the Repl causing the issue please reply with more details including :

  • a link to the Repl
  • a description of the error message you see (a screenshot would be better)

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