Blacklisted terms?

#1: You were warned for a tier two blacklisted word in Repl#c7a28234-4a5c-4fb8-a56b-165ba90a03d8

How do I figure out the term and the project?
I didn’t get a link. I assume the #c7a28234… is an ID for the project, but am not sure how to use it to fix whatever I have done.

You can contact Replit moderation by emailing

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The Repl is btw


@QwertyQwerty88 I figured that was the case, but I couldn’t figure out how to find it again. Is there some way to map that ID (Change submit number?) back to a Repil? Apologies in advance for being dense. …and it was the word, “hell”?

Thx again for the quick reply.

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Idk, I’m not a Replit mod, but a staff member/mod was pinged to reply


perhaps its how you said it, like “BUT SCHOOL SUCKS” instead of casually saying “school is like ____”

um, I doubt that tbh :slight_smile:

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