Blackbox extension

If the Replit have Blackbox extension then it will help the dev to solve problem or search the solution if they have problem within their code editor

It will solve the problem of not open new tab and search instead inside the code editor add the problem and get the result

Add the comment inside the comment write your problem then add question mark at end and press enter
Wait for few seconds and Blackbox will give you result accept it or decline

For Example (Python)

#send an SMS in flask?

That’s all
Thank you


Wow, that looks really cool!

Yeah it looks really cool

wow. I need access to beta so I can make this for you :slight_smile:

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That’s cool but what’s the point of GW if this gets added?

What do you mean by GW?

GW stands for GhostWriter, the AI powered bot to help you code made by Replit. It uses ChatGPT.

Ok sonicx180 make it as soon as possible

@sonicx180 I am in beta since I login on Replit

I am a extension dev now

Sorry for the previous post

@sonicx180 I am now a extension dev