Black Hole Theme

So I saw a theme that not-ethan made →

But I made it darker → Since most programmers don’t want their eyes to burn while they’re programming in the dark hours I created an “artificial” black hole to fix this problem. Since light can’t escape your eyes wont see anything. You may feel some pain due to Hawking Radiation from the Black Hole. I hope your eyes enjoy!


I nearly got sucked in!

This reminds me of The Void, but with a tad more color. (For light mode users, I provide The Sun as well)

@Firepup650 I made every value black so I don’t know why everything isn’t, maybe a change to themes since you made yours?

No, I’ll explain to you privately why mine has more dark.

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It looks like someone turned off the light. But if the lights were turned off in the room, I would be guided by touch, which unfortunately cannot be done on Replit.