Binding subdomain to a project does not work

I linked the project with a custom domain and I also verified it, but the domain does not work for the project, but the main project link works, knowing that my project does a redner for the HTML page by using koa nodejs, and the link to the original project from Replay It works, but the domain does not work, knowing that the domain It is linked to cloudflare and there are other services in my domain and the domain is working but the Subdomain that I linked with a project does not work so what is the solution

Here are some pictures of the domain and the webview project

replit link :

Hi @Shuruhatik thanks for your message and welcome to the community.

Can you confirm that you have added a CNAME and a TXT when linking your domain?

Confirmed and now the same problem

@IanAtCSTeach can you help me?

If you can, try using an A record with your TXT record instead of a CNAME, as that’s what got it working for me on my subdomains.

Can you give me an example of how you mean in cloudflare?

Is this what you mean? If you mean, then he refuses

That’s the wrong record, that record should be assigned as a TXT record. The A record should be a set of 4 numbers separated by dots. If Replit doesn’t show you one in the UI, try doing a DNS lookup on the CNAME record it gives you, and take the A record form that.

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