Billing says im on Pro when I am on Core

Problem description:
Under the billing section ut says im on Pro when im really on Core.

Expected behavior:
It says im on Core.

Actual behavior:
It says im on Pro.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: Chrome Version 118.0.5993.124
OS: Chrome OS Version 118.0.5993.124
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): Chrome OS
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): Pro


Thanks @not-ethan !

I see it too and we’ll work to get it updated.


@not-ethan Okay, this should be good to go now. Feel free to give it a refresh and check. I also drilled into it on billing and looked at a few other places, but let me know if you see “Pro” anywhere still.


Yep it says Replit Core there. I will keep my eye out for other places

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Found it in two spots.

On this page in the docs it mentions pro

Not on the userside but the role is still HACKER_PRO


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