Better proxy removal tools

My school finally blocked because it’s a “proxy,” and they sadly have good reason. Thousands and thousands of proxies are being hosted on Replit. A quick search for “replit proxy” has tons of results. I think some sort of tool to delete every repl that was forked from a proxy, as well as the original proxy, is really needed at this point, as well as seeking them out. This is ruining chances to learn and experiment with code, which could lead to careers in tech, and I can’t try to get it unblocked because they’re technically right.


Alternatively, you can use as proxies don’t work in there. We’re working on some mass-deletion tools and already are stopping imports and the spread of proxies.


For my school they block but not, so all hosted websites are blocked but not main replit.


ooooooo i forgot about firewalled replit, and its good to hear that deletion stuff is in the works


hahaha they blocked firewalled replit because they say its a proxy, i actually hate people

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maybe you could contact your school and make them block instead of, as my school did, so you still have replit but there are no proxies that work.

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sadly it doesn’t work like that (usually)

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