Better Markdown Experience

Describe your feature request
Improvements to the Markdown experience. Specifically:

  1. Fix bugs related to files not linking properly if there’s a space in the filepath.
  2. Clicking a link from MD preview that opens a MD page should open that page in preview
  3. Better yet - consider an Obsidian style editing experience as an option (everything is rendered unless your cursor is in an element)
  4. Support HTML in markdown preview
  5. Support customizable themes for preview
  6. Properly render Excalidraw files so they look the same in preview as they do in the canvas

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
We would use Replit in place of Notion and Google docs for documents and collaboration.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I have a team of people collaborating on markdown-centric content files. Replit’s threads is basically the only way to combine markdown files with something that resembles Google-docs style comments. We’re trying to figure out how to just use Replit for the entire process which includes embedding videos, images and drawings into the previews.

There are some paper cuts in the current experience that make it hard to use. If I could will into existence something that combined Obsidian’s markdown writing + GitHub’s Markdown preview + Replit threads, that would be my dream.

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@learnto-ai You can actually use <br> and <hr> and I believe even <input> tags.
Hope this helps!


Why not just --- or ***?


Sure, but that’s a pretty limited subset of HTML to support. Really, this might be one of the lower priority items overall. I’d really prefer just being able to support more embeds than just YouTube, Figma and Loom.


That was not exhaustive either. I’ve used HTML dropdowns in markdown on Replit. My guess is that it supports a large percentage of basic HTML.


IIRC, it should support anything Markdown itself does, which includes (I think) most HTML.


Nope. There is no such thing as a Markdown standard, just lots of different flavors and processors (relevant xkcd), and html usually needs special handling and configuration (the biggest reason being security). I recommend reading which explains a lot more and defines supported html blocks in that flavor.

A cool feature would be an ability to define our own preview command, so that it would be possible to configure for example a custom unifiedjs + remark pipeline to process Markdown files. But for now the best thing I can recommend is to do just that in a script you can run and then “preview” the result using the normal web view.