Better HTML linting?


I’m teaching HTML, CSS and JS and I advise students to always use a linter for all of their code.

REPLit has linting functionality built-in for CSS and JavaScript but not for HTML.

I’ve cobbled this together, run ./ in the shell to run HTMLHint, but it’s not as nice an experience as for the other linters.

I could also send them to the HTMLHint Playground but then they’d need to copy-paste code all the time, not ideal.

Do y’all perhaps know of a (better) alternative?


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Ugh, new users can’t write posts with more than two links, so here’s another link I wanted to add:

CSS linting demo

The HTML and CSS linting solution I created stopped working.

I think this is because the HTML-CSS-JS template no longer has Node.js and npm built in. This was removed recently, apparently.