Best way to 'repair' a Repl?

I’ll be working in a Repl and then normally due to a failed package install attempt, i’ll end up with a broken environment where even Python fails to load. My approach so far has been to ZIP up my files and start a fresh Repl, but is there a better way to restore a Repl or revert to an earlier point?

Welcome to Ask! Here are all the methods I am aware of to repair broken repls:

  • Fork the repl: It’s amazing how often this fixes the problem
  • Copy the code to another repl: This is easy on basic programs (e.g., copying the entire contents of on the broken repl to on a new one), but becomes tedious on repls with more files.
  • Use a community script: For Python repls, @firepup650 has created a script that you can run in the Shell that updates the repl config. It is possible that this may fix some errors. To use, run curl -s|bash -s in the Shell. Note that since this is a community script it is not official and Replit is not responsible for it. However Firepup is a respected community member and Jr. Moderator on Ask so it should be trustworthy (I personally trust Firepup).



Should this script break and/or need an update, let me know! I’ll be happy to fix it.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try.

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