Best way to access external data

Hello fellow developers,

I’m currently working on a project in Replit and facing a significant challenge. I have integrated a 40MB file directly into the Replit file system. However, this seems to be causing a drastic slowdown in the IDE, to the extent that it’s becoming nearly unusable. I suspect the file size might be contributing to this issue.

Could anyone advise on the best practices for handling large external data files in Replit? Are there more efficient ways to access and use such files without compromising the performance of the IDE?

Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!

What file is this?
If you open, say, a file with a very, very large amount of text, then your editor may experience performance problems. I think this is true even when the file is opened in a separate editor tab. Check that your editor file tabs do not have this file open, or close most of your editor file tabs.
If the file isn’t open in the editor, it should run fine.


If it is a image file, I suggest using Cloudinary, which is a great, easy-to-use API for storing images, but it may be possible to store other files too (I haven’t tested it)

Thank you, indeed it was caused by a very large text file being open in the editor!


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