Best Python 1 & 2 curriculum?

Which curriculum is the best to teach Python 1 & 2 to High Schoolers? And is there python curriculum that includes videos?

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Can I ask why you want to teach Python 1 and 2 instead of Python 3?

Oh meant I want to teach computer programming 1 & 2. Python beginning and python advanced.
Yes I want to teach with Python 3.

So I want to teach 2 courses that both use Python 3.
Computer Programming 1 - this would be beginning Python.
Computer Programming 2 - this would be advanced Python

Got it. I would recommend 100 days of code taught by @DavidAtReplit. One down side is that the programing 2 students would need to go through the basics to do the more advanced stuff

Does it have videos?

It does have videos by David

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I’ve liked CodeHS in the past, but this year I tried out the CMU stuff, and kids are loving it and doing well!
These two are good because they are graphical with good learning curves.

I haven’t looked at the 100 days of code, but it’s probably good. I will say the PLTW cs curriculum, with some python in first two years, is not good.

Thanks. I just signed up to get an account with CMU. I’ll check it out.

I really like codeHS 's python course for my computer programming 1 course. They don’t have advanced python curriculum. So I am looking for computer programming 2 python curriculum. I can’t wait until codehs makes an advanced python that teaches oop and classes and more advanced topics.