Best of Python 2023 - Notice

Hi users of Replit Ask! I’m thinking about trying to start a kind of fun event where you submit your favourite Python projects and the community votes on the best one. (We could eventually make the subject to all languages of any other language or if you just want to keep it the same them I’m fine with that. Please note that if any event like this already then I am nothing to do with and and this is just a random idea I had and think would be cool to introduce to the community. I am not opening submission yet and I think in the comments we should decide on a good date to open. Thanks for reading and I hope you consider joining this event and I will try to do it again next year if you guys enjoy it.

You would like this event to:
  • Happen
  • Not Happen
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This is great!
I might need to take another look at my Python game, Jackpot! after learning that the database won’t work ToT…
Anyway. I’m game for this idea! (BTW there is already a hackathon being planned by @SalladShooter)


What is meant by “favorite Python projects”? Will it be necessary to provide a favorite Python project, completely created by me, in the development of which I participated, or created by another person?

It means your favourite Python project you’ve made. Joint projects are allowed, but you would have to share the credit with the person you worked with.

This is definitely a great idea!
But I’m wondering… can we submit websites made in Python or projects that are partly Python?

Yes, like Flask or Django.

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I’m probably looking for about 10 votes to go ahead. 1 more votes needed!

Is the website backend Python?

Imports are allowed so you can use things like flask yes.

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Yes. (well with Flask it is)

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I think how it should be done then judged on the functionality and not looks?

I’ll put up the poll for voting on dates when we have 10 votes. (Perhaps if you want to keep notified set this topic to watching)

We have achieved 10 votes! The poll for voting dates will be done in months and the day that is most selected I will open submissions.

Month you would like to open submissions on:
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
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I probably won’t be adding anything tho.

That’s fine but feel free to change your mind at any time.

As a slight change should we elect some judges whose vote counts as 2 points but everyone else can still judge just their votes count as one point?

We should have…
  • No judges
  • Some judges
  • Only judges can vote
  • Other (pls comment)
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11 hours left until the poll closes.

This is my favorite Python project:

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Thanks I’ll add this to the entries list but please remember for next time that entries aren’t open yet.

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Right so it looks like the winning option is only judges can vote! If you would like you be a judge please vote on this poll!

  • I would like to be a judge
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