Best of Python 2023 Details & Judges Release

So those of you who saw Best of Python 2023 - Notice then you’ll know what I’m talking about but if you don’t then this is an 100% unofficial event which I am hosting where you submit the favorite python project that you or a team has made. The details are:

Opening Date - 1st October 2023
Only Judges Can Vote
Definite Judges - @NateDhaliwal & @HenryMiles3
There Are 2 More Spots For Judges
Only Judges Can Vote

We are judges because we were the only ones to vote on the judge vote.
Only judges can vote was selected on the original post as well.

Final Judge Poll (2 Spots left)
  • I would like to be a Judge.
0 voters

Judges will be chosen by this method.
I will also post a specific topic for the submitions!
(I will PM you if you are selected as a judge)
Thanks for reading and I hope you consider participating and remember you are all winners!


Just a quick update, I think I am going to change the amount of judges to 6 because there’s a high chance that there won’t be enough votes between just 4 of us to choose a winner.

@HenryMiles3 They’re all full now.

We’re already judges though so there’s only 4 spaces left or should we let all 6 be judges?

Pick the first 4, maybe?

It’ll depend on how many entries we get.

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In 8 days submissions will be opening! Good Luck!