Best Coding Language

Except that you have to get a module to get stdin input in Nodejs. But you do have a point, Nodejs has a lot of built-in features (json, switch (only recently has Python gotten it), method creation through prototypes) that Python requires a module for.

It still exists, and it’s usable. I can’t think of anything Python can do that Javascript can’t do. I mean like impossible-level cannot do.

Honestly I think what really made Python the world’s most popular language was during covid lots of people started coding and many of those that started had probably very little knowledge of code (Scratch for instance) or had no experience at all. Since Python is easy and many beginners probably didn’t care about speed, it grew in tremendous popularity. If covid hadn’t happened, would Python be as popular as it is? Maybe not.

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What happened to rust? That is a good compiled language to learn.

It depends on what coding language is most useful to you and how effectively you can use it.

We get polls like this like once a week lately. There is not best language. There are languages best for certain things and other for other things.
This said, the best language is the one enabling you to do what you want to do.



I couldn’t learn it for the life of me. Are there any good tutorials to learn it?

It really depends honestly if you learning I would 100% say python because I think its easy to get it down
Plus I just love python

I would recommend starting with the book and writing some quick programs to see how they work. Then, start thinking of things to write. If you get lost, look it up or ask the forums. They are very helpful and I have never had any problems with them. You could also look at the source of existing projects and learn from them because rust production code and non-production code are often interchangeable. If you want to learn more about the language features, I would recommend looking at NoBoilerplate’s youtube channel.

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Dear god. I haven’t had a chance to check this today since i posted it, and look at my inbox.

You mean this or something else?

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Yes, even though it is the language docs it is not a bad read.

Programming languages are like superheroes. They all have their unique powers and abilities. Python might be like Spider-Man, quick and flexible, but it’s not very good at flying like Superman in C++. Meanwhile, JavaScript is like the Flash, speedy and versatile, but it can sometimes trip over its own asynchronous feet.

Then you have languages like Java, the Batman of programming. It’s powerful, reliable, and always prepared, but it can be a bit too serious and verbose at times. Ruby, on the other hand, is like Deadpool, quirky, and full of surprises, but not everyone appreciates its irreverent style.

Just like in life, there is no “best” when it comes to programming languages. It’s all about finding the right tool for the job and having a good laugh along the way as every programming language have their own weird design choices and shortcomings in some use cases.

Depending from use case you end up like :grimacing: or :slightly_smiling_face: if you picked right language or not.


Where would rust fit in as a memory safe C like language?

I like NodeJS NodeJS FTW

Wow… that is the possibly the best way you could have explained the superhero analogy :laughing: This is why there is not ‘best’ language, and the only question that can be asked is which language is better for x case.


In your analogy, who would be Thanos? In my eyes … JavaScript :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanos is assembly language because he can control the universe with extremely complex ways that most can’t fully understand.

Assembly language is a low-level programming language that provides direct access to the hardware and allows programmers to write highly optimized and efficient code. It requires a deep understanding of computer architecture and can be extremely complex to work with, much like Thanos’ intricate plans and methods.

Similarly, Thanos’ actions and abilities often involve manipulating the fundamental elements of the universe, requiring a level of understanding and control that surpasses most individuals.


You are a master at this analogy. Loving it.


YES! In the end, Thanos failed for the same reason why assembly fails—it is so complex to perform tasks and control the forces behind everything else, making assembly a very error-prone way of programming.

In theory assembly is force that control every other programming language like :muscle:but in practical it trips people who try to do very complex programs with it. :ghost: