Best Coding Language

What’s the best coding language?
(probably going to start a fight with this)

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Why don’t you look at this:

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I’m just talking in general.
(like your own opinion.)

I’d say Python. (NodeJS is good too)

Haven’t learned NodeJS, but I am starting to.

It really depends on what you want to do. For web dev I would say JS. Machine learning Python so it really just depends. But overall you cant say

Java is the best (in my opinion). I also code in java 97% the time I program.

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There is no “best” programming language. They all have different purposes and usages that make them better for one thing than another.
Arguably Python is the most versatile, and in some ways could be considered the best, but Mojo may be able to de-thrown it because of its performance and power.


The programming language you are most familiar with is probably the “best coding language” at least from your perspective. If you were trying to make a game, C++ is a nice way to go. But, if you hardly knew anything about C++ and were extremely talented in Python, that would probably be the best language to use.

This is biased (what I’m about to say) because I only know HTML and Python, but Python.

Which one is better?
  • Python
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Node.js

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Yeah, I think everyone uses Python.


Yeah so far it’s 100% python…

Not anymore. Javascript/Node.js is the best.

Who voted NodeJS? WHYYYYY

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Well, it’s currently 4 python, and 1 node.js

Node.js is just better. Anything Python can do, Javascript could probably do (maybe even better).


Well yeah… you have a point because you can do the same with alert and input as you can with print and input in python (but Python’s simpler)

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Python is there for it lol

Clojure: Clojure Made Simple - YouTube

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