Beginning on Replit

Hi Everyone, i am new to Replit. I have had some experience in Juypter and i want to learn how i can import and analyse data in replit using python. Any suggestions on the best way to start and get up to speed quickly?
Appreciate the groups thoughts an help.

Hello @MattPilkington
You can start with the 100 Days of Code by Replit it is basically python course for beginner and also if you want analyze the data and train it then start with Python Data Science or Python machine learning libraries like NumPy,TensorFlow,Keras etc.
You can find them here

thanks for the advice. that is what i was thinking. I have tried some python as i use it in juypter but for some reason i have struggled bringing that over from my juypter notebook.

Sorry to say this but as far as I know Replit doesn’t support juypter notebook

Replit actually supports juypter notebook! Here is the template: