Beginner question regarding GUI


Beginner question regarding GUI

I have been doing some Python coding for a while directly in the visual studio terminal

But If I would like to code some thing really easy but visual - what kind of programs/solutions should I use then ?

Im stil on a beginner level but I think it would be more fun to se the GUI change as Im koding.

Thanks for the help !

best reg. Patrikc

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Hi @patrikgyllhamn!
If you feel a little bit more ready to dive into graphical coding, I suggest that instead of using python, try out HTML and CSS. It may sound like a bit step, but it really isn’t too hard to get the hang of. In fact, here is a good course: W3Schools.


If you would like to make a program that has a graphical output in python, then use the pygame package (use pygame repl template). You will have to learn quite a bit about pygame before you can do much with it though.


What GUI module are you using now?
You could use turtle for drawing or tkinter for small user interfaces.


Oh hi, there are mulitple ways to creat a GUI in pygame:

  • Turtle, use by import turtle and use functions like turtle.forward(10)
  • Tkinter, use by import tkinter. I haven’t learned this yet so you could look it up
  • Pygame, much more complex and I myself am learning it, look it up on a tutorial. import pygame

If you need any help with these, you could use the Replit AI(It refills every month).

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