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the word “Access Token” hints towards something like a connect.sid token being displayed publicly. better to hide it.


what if you set your “slug” to “login” or “signup” and now it contradicts with the existing urls?

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its /author/slug nice try tho


Enable the ability to reply to replies. For example, when you comment on a post and someone replies, you should be able to reply to that reply. Currently, this feature is not available, but it should be implemented to allow replies to replies.

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@CoderGautamYT TheHackerDude1083=Could I possibly join?

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yes! can you press “subscribe” in the blog and sign up? I will give you author access soon.

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also just one rule to everyone who is a poster (cc. @Firepup650 @QwertyQwerty88 @Sky @SalladShooter @SnakeByte ) you need to make a post at least once a week to retain your status. just so that we dont have a bunch of inactive people and i can actually get ranked on google. Thanks!

btw if you’re having issues getting into the admin area ask me, thanks


oh ok then I cant do it sorry

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@CoderGautamYT Hi there!
I love writing, and for a while I maintained my own blog before I redid my website and I’d love to help write in your blog! I just subscribed to the blog, how do I sign up to be a content creator?

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i guess its fine i’ll still give you access, i just want to encourage people to post but if you promise you wont just make one post and forget i’ll let you have it.

Yes, it is! Is it okay if I cannot write every single week? I’d love to write but my schedule is rather full.

yeah np that was just like a guide but I would prefer if you just not go inactive but as long as you check and write once in a while i’m fine with it.

Could you just, write a bunch of posts very quickly, then schedule them to publish weekly? Also I hid the revision on #54

yeah that works, as long as the posts are still well made and useful

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This is what shows on Sign In - Gautam’s Blog (

Did you sign up using the link you got on your email? You only subscribed you still need to make a new staff account. Sorry for confusion;

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Ooops! Just found the email!

Hi @CoderGautamYT
Can I be an author? I have signed up and subscribed.

@NateDhaliwal check your inbox!