Become a writer for my blog

So recently I made a blog. Looking for some programmers who would be interested in writing posts on it. I can’t pay you anything now but can once I enable ads and I get some traffic.

We’re mainly looking for programming content like simple tutorials, guides etc. If you’re interested let me know, I can give you write access. We can also make replit tutorials/content to help the Replit community. Reply here if you’re interested


Right now I’m converting some of my stackoverflow answers to blog posts (and linking them for traffic) but I plan on doing some css improvements soon and adding more writers.

Would appreciate a subscribe too!

Cool, can I write some posts? :eyes:

Yeah can you subscribe so I can change your perms to author?

Your site doesn’t seem to be allowed to email gmail, it fails to send to my gmail.

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I tried to but got this error



oh i thought I fixed that, will investigate

Is it possible for me to become a writer for the blog?

I’m receiving the same error.

Could I be a writer for your blog?

@Sky @QwertyQwerty88 @Firepup650 It should be fixed now, try signing up now!


@CoderGautamYT I’d be interested in writing for your blog, could I be an author?


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Yeah! Just sign up I’ll accept up to 5 people but none more than that you should be fine.


Yeah it worked, I signed up successfully!

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Could i be a author?

No since you are perm suspended on I don’t trust you

Uhm, can I be a writer?

Sent you both @SalladShooter and @Sky invites to be author, check your email.

Then you can start writing, the admin panel is use your account credentials

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FYI @CoderGautamYT the page where I can change my info such as pfp doesn’t allow you to scroll down far enough to save changes.

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Save button should be at the top right (at least on desktop) can you send a screenshot?

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