BeatMusic Update for March 2023

Hello everyone! In March of 2023 we worked a lot, but we are not done yet! Through last month to this month we have continued to script a little everyday on our Spotify API.

About our Spotify API
With the help of the Spotify API, Beat will be able to play music from Spotify it’s self or from your own personnel playlist! While we still have a lot of work to do while scripting out the API, we don’t want to get sued by them for not putting in Ad’s and earning them money (We say this because YouTube sued other Discord music bots for not adding Ad’s and not earning YouTube money) so we have an idea of making a free version of Beat (With Ad’s) and a premium version of Beat (Without Ad’s). What do you think about this idea?


Should we make a free version and a paid version of Beat?
  • Yes!
  • No!

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While we did not do much in March we plan on doing much more in April! Stay tuned for more updates and maybe some beta testing announcements from the BeatMusic Team!

@BeatMusic Team


I’m not sure where you got this, but this was not the cause. According to popular articles, YouTube issued a cease and desist to the owners of “popular” music bots because they violated YouTube’s TOS, which stated that they couldn’t alter the service for commercial use, which most bots did.

The only way to get the complete Spotify experience without ads is for the bot to use your own premium account, which will cost you, so I doubt this will happen unless you’re paying for it. Also, I’m 90% sure that if you manage to create a script to automate Spotify’s playback api, you’ll attract unwanted attention and potentially experience the same problems that Rhythm and Groovy did.

Just because YouTube issued a cease and desist order does not mean you cannot create a bot that uses it; however, if the bot grows large enough, you will need to find an alternative or suffer consequences.


It always amazes me how often simple things (like you cannot make free or cheaper somebody else service you need to pay for and do not expect trouble) are never understood.
I would be surprised this project is allowed here on Replit btw.


Hello @whileTRUEpass,

We just asked a question to see if we should make a free and paid version of beat and if we did, we would be in contact with Spotify. As for us being allowed on Replit, this is a Discord project that is being made here on Replit so they cant really do anything unless they dont want use to code on here

I would argue you need all legal agreement in place and signed for any platform to host your service. But this is up to the staff to check.

Hello, we were just asking a question and wanted to hear about others opinions on this, but moving foreword we will only have a free version with Ad’s for now


Correcting people is my thing here, lol. Ig I forgot to 5 days ago.

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April update:

Nothing has happened, if you would like to help please reach out! NOTE: you will be working for free