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Continue talk about badges from another topic, so we keep that one on topic :slight_smile:

And this is the 3rd time I earned the Champion badge. Other two was from me testing a bug

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Also, what tutorial is it talking about when it says the licensed badge is granted by completing the tutorial?

Since this is on the topic of likes…

I’m hoping for this badge:

I hope to be the first for:
(So far I’m 30~ days in?)

I want
(Surprised no one has gotten this or the reply one! Wow!)

And finally:

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I would of got it but I didn’t

Only 1 post got 25 likes and it wasn’t even mine

The advanced tutorial by @ discobot. You should of received a message from them when you first joined and if not send them message


The only thing I got was a greetings message with nothing mentioning a tutorial.

I wish you could see the progress on the badges.

Try repliing with @discobot start tutorial


I forgot but it’s a special command I found via Google and have used on multiple discourse forums, it’s something like: @discobot start advanced user tutorial

I got that when i got the member badge, not when i first joined

Oh @not-ethan you should not allow Discobot to reply on public topics for spam… it’s an issue.

Discobot should never be used publicly but there’s no setting to disable it… Not a big problem though

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I was doing it wrong L

@not-ethan So you didn’t get Devotee badge because of the domain change? You will still get it before me because that was before I joined though :sob: but I will be second.

The command is @discobot start advanced tutorial , this will start the tutorial if you say it in the greeting DM.

(Posted on wrong topic, re posting)

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Well iirc you need to do the basic before advanced

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Yep! But he has already done the basic (right) so he just needs to do that.

BTW: I think we can all agree this is the hardest badge to get:

I dissagree. Since if you link to topics all over it racks up clicks over time so…

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True, do you know what the highest viewed post is though?

I think theres a report. As for top users

I cant find the one for users to topics may not exist