Badge suggestion - A badge for making a bot

why not a badge for making a bot

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Sounds like we need a whole different conversation for this. What do you think the minimum requirements for getting a badge for making a bot would be @Parker2991 ?


Umm… Owning a community bot? :laughing:

Would this be a good idea, because it would incentivise creating bots on Replit, in which case lots of people would try (many successfully), despite the staff having previously said they don’t really support bots. Honestly, I think there should be some sort of proper API users are actually allowed to use and interact with (like including mutations).

Edit: it seems I made the incorrect assumption that this post was about bots on Replit that reply to comments and can interact in other ways.


hmm idk tbh just to make one ig under any lauguange

Thanks. But that would mean that anyone who attempts to make one of any quality would get the badge. Could we set some baseline criteria for functionality or usefulness? Not every bot is a useful one and many don’t work at all and I don’t think users should be awarded badges in this case.

I think OP is not talking about an ask or replit bot. They are talking about a Minecraft bot.

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Thanks. I understand.

What I mean is I don’t mind what kind of bot it is, but I would say that there should be a baseline to achieve the badge and not just “I made a bot” because it might not work, or be inappropriate, or something else.

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well im out of ideas

I would think some basic criteria would be at least 2 commands with the bot.

my bot has 47 commands XD

damn, i dont even know how to make a replit bot. I might attempt to make one in python someday

mine runs on node.js

I hate node so much, idk why its just hard for me to work with

ehh i got the hang of the code in what 3 to 5 months is when I started to know what I was doing

My problem might be ive only worked on it for just abt 1 month

oh ok in my opinion i say node.js is a good coding language

The thought of getting banned scares me away from making a bot. There are so many rules and I don’t think any of them are official.

No need. There are replit checkmarks ig


The Terms of Service are here if you want to take a look. I’ve included my interpretations which hopefully can help.

So keep an eye on the amount of time the bot is pinging and make sure it isn’t checking every 0.00000000001 seconds (for example).

The bot shouldn’t keep records / archives of information.

There can be exceptions, but only if discussions happen in advance to ensure you aren’t putting any of Replit’s services at risk.

The bot should not collect / find personal information about users, or spam them with messages with or leading to advertising / selling products.

Your bot should not identify users as potential developers / employees and send messages to them relating to this.