Bad Words Moderation

I am planning on making an search engine related for kids and I want it to have an Moderation Bot which detects if they searched something bad or they got something bad as an result, For that I need an moderation bot which I don’t know how to make.
Can anyone tell me how to make an Moderation bot using python? Maybe with GPT3 or AI Training tools?


You could find a list of bad words and there slag and have python cross what all text in the results and if it finds a match it removes the website from being shown.

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Yea but I want to generate this list to be sure its accurate, Maybe with Some AI Tools?

Are you going to be making a search engine for a specific platform or like a general web browser?

I am planning on making my own browser

I have already made my own browser. Also, I presume there may be some libraries for filtering bad content.

Sorry it took me awhile to respond, had to ride the bus home. I do believe that someone can provide you with a list or words like @OSoft has mentioned. I will try and find a list and will let you know if I find one.

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Okay I managed to find one that seems to have every bad word imaginable on it. Download list (.txt file) I hope this helps. Good luck with your browser and keep me updated I would love to test it out!

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0_0 I shouldn’t have unzipped that.

Yeah it has everything :grimacing:

There’s a python library that exists.

What’s up guys, currently unzipped and resisting the urge to click CTRL A + CTRL C. You never know when it might come in handy.

Bro why is two fingers in that censored list?

Wait beer is in there too?

What is the name of the library?

irs called: profanity

You’re too pure for this world.

Me & @InvisibleOne are both christian my guy


I never defined what it meant tho.

better-profanity is the best one I’ve gotten to work on replit

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