Background Ports for Turbopack

Describe your feature request

Turbopack: Blazing fast HMR with Next.js.

I want to take this thing for a spin on Replit.

Problem is, you have to specify with port you want to serve and which ports you don’t as the web output. (source)

Turbopack opens a bunch of random ports which are literally impossible to specify in the .replit file.

This causes the Repl to be confused about which port to expose as the HTTP port.

My request is: Would it be possible to only specify the port you want to expose and run all the others in the background?

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Developers would be able to run Turbopack, Prisma, and a bunch more things in a Repl.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Tried to run turbopack, Repl froze and failed to expose the correct HTTP port.

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