Background Color getting cut off on iPad MS Edge

When using MS Edge on an iPad 9th Gen, the background color for the body element is cut off.
Link to repl: WorldCache - The Secret Creek Cache by danth

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have you used the -ms- prefix to certain css attributes? You need those. Dumb Microsoft thinking that they can own HTML.

@python660 I just used AutoPrefixer CSS Online to add prefixes. Good catch, but it still didn’t fix it.

try using ms edge’s inspect element then looking at the Styles tab to see an aggregated list of active and inactive CSS.

@python660 what exactly should I be looking for in there?


as you can see there is an error next to max-width, lets go take a look: Invalid property value! wow that means you forgot your units.

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I Just fixed the small bug in the CSS. It still doesn’t fix the background getting cut off though. @python660

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you set height: 100vh to fill the page, but what about beyond the page? what about beyond 100vh? set it to repeating background or try 100% instead of 100vh.


Edge on i(Pad)OS is forced to use Safari’s engine, so it can’t do that. Also, Microsoft now does its contributions directly to chromium, and you only need ms- to support Internet Explorer (which I personally don’t bother supporting)


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