Back button for forum in mobile app

I have found that the back button bar when accessing the forum via the mobile app has disappeared.
This is frustratimg when navigating to the previos page as I have to start from the top of the topic list.
Please add this back! :pray: :pray:

Please guys! I need this back!

This is one of the times stuff with the forums go in Bug Reports :slight_smile:

You can use the discourse app (named Discourse Hub) and it will be there


Why was it removed from Ask?

I think it’s just a bug. I pinged someone to take a look

Any updates on this? Still quite inconvenient.

Hey @NateDhaliwal!

I apologize for the delay on this. I didn’t realize we had a backlog of tickets that weren’t sent into our ticketing system. We have fixed the issue and are running through the ones we missed.

Regarding the issue, Can you please send me a screenshot of the issue so I can get a better idea of what you see on your end?

Hi @ShaneAtReplit !
Here’s what I see now:

Here’s what I used to see:

As you can see, there is the bottom bar with go back, forward etc. The link and down arrow never worked though.
It’s helpful because if I am reading every topic, and can press back to the part in the list where I stopped, instead of scrolling from the top when I click View Latest Topics.
Note that this is in the mobile app.

Hi @ShaneAtReplit!
Any updates on this?

Hi @ShaneAtReplit !
Is there any news on this?

Hey @NateDhaliwal!

No updates as of yet. I am still looking into this, but I’ll let you know once I have an update!


Hey @NateDhaliwal!

Forgive my confusion, but I’m not sure how you got to the forum while within the Replit mobile app. Can you send me a list of instructions on how to get to this page or share a screen recording of how to repro?

From the app go the account page than scroll down to Forum under the Support seaction

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Hi @ShaneAtReplit !
You can follow these steps:

  1. Enter the app
  2. Go to Account
  3. Scroll down and click forum.
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Thanks! I will continue to investigate this.


Hey quick update that our engineering team is tracking this now – we can’t promise when it’ll be fixed, but thank you for letting us know y’all.