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What should be the optimal autoscale configuration? I’m using (8 vCPU / 32 GiB RAM / 10 Max) version, because I’m charged per second, so I’m incentivized to finish the task as quickly as possible. Is my logic wrong?


Hey, @mdyildirim!
It depends on what your program actually requires. How resource-intensive is your program (roughly)?


Hi @RedCoder,

Well, it generates videos, so it’s very resource-intensive (is there a way to measure it?). But even if it wasn’t, what would be the reason to choose 4CPU over 8CPU, especially if the price-per-second is the same?

Hey, @mdyildirim!

8vCPUs vs. 4vCPUs

Having more CPUs can improve the performance of tasks that can be parallelized across multiple cores. Basically, more CPUs mean more processing power and the ability to handle more tasks simultaneously. If you are using the multiproccesing (or another equivalent) module to run things simultaneously, then it could be beneficial to your program. If not, you may not need 8vCPUs. If possible, implementing the multiproccesing module could be beneficial to your program.

More RAM?

Having more RAM can improve the efficiency of the system, making it faster when running memory-intensive tasks or processing large datasets. For your video generation application, that may be necessary.

10 Machines — is it worth it?

Having 10 machines means having 10 virtual devices that run your program (with however many vCPUs you have, and however much RAM you have). Having more may be useful, but 10 may not be necessary, considering the cost. I would recommend starting with 5 or 6, and if you need more, try increasing it.


Many thanks @RedCoder! I just noticed that the price changes massively when I change the configuration (not sure why, but it was showing me the same numbers before :face_with_spiral_eyes:)

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No problem, @mdyildirim! Do you have any more questions? If not, could you please mark this post as the solution?

Sorry, just noticed your comment. Done.

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