Automticly give people the verified hunter badge

Describe your feature request
People that have completed at least x ratings (Im thinking 10) and the average is at least 4.5 stars they are automatically granted the verified hunter badge. But if they drop below that they lose it. And anybody that already has it is grandfathered into the old system.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
With the badge being unobtainable it makes it unfair to people who wasn’t around for the beta or their application was not seen then either.


I thought you could get it but I guess I was wrong. That does make it unfair as they come up first in bounties. I would suggest a higher number than 10 though. Maybe 15 to 20.


The form to apply is still open but they don’t review. And 10 was just a random number


This has been removed from the UI.

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