Automatically stop

Why my code is stopping automatically after 1hr . It was not like this before.

Hi @SangitaSarkar2 , welcome to the forums!
What is your repl about? Are you deploying your repl?

Hey @SangitaSarkar2 welcome to the forums!

The reason it is stopping is because you need to use a deployment. If it [Repl] is a bot (Discord, Telegram, etc.) you have to use a Reserved VM Deployment (it has 99.9% uptime), this option does cost the most starting at $7 USD (it is a monthly payment + the amount of traffic it receives). If it [Repl] is a website without a backend (Plain HTML, CSS, JS) use the Static Deployment it is free if you connect a Credit Card (if it goes above your egress limit you have to pay for traffic). If it [Repl] is a website with a backend (Flask, Node, etc.) use the Autoscale Deployment (you do have to pay for this one but depending on what you are doing it can be pretty cheap + your web traffic). I hope this helps!

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